Welcome to Pathans General Trading (PGT) LLC

Covering the trading aspect through a broad spectrum of materials and through an ever growing list of distribution channels, PGT is the right choice of trading partner. Over the years we have built our relationship with our vendors and cemented it with trust and reliability, hence, today we are a recognized supplier and a key player in the business fraternity.

We have worked extensively in key projects and have contributed to a large extent in supply of materials which has helped re-shape our business activities.

Trading Divisions

Building Materials

Electrical Cables, Steels, Switchgears, Wood, Safety PPE Products, Hardware Tools, Glues and Adhesives, etc.


Mobile Phone’s, PC’s & Laptops, Camera’s, IT products and consumables, Home appliances, etc.

Food Stuff

Canned Foods, Oils, Sugar, Flour, Spices, Frozen meat and vegetable Products, Dairy and Non Dairy items, etc.


Office Furniture and Decor, Household Furniture, Hospitality Sector furniture, Etc.


We envisage being a pioneer Facilities Management Company, preffered provider, deliver excellence service, high performance and great value to our esteemed clients, whilst maintaining high ethical and professional stanndards. We strive for a sustainable future, shaping environments to make great places to live, work and visit.


To be UAE's best Integrated Facility Management solutions partner to our Clients by providing and outstanding tailor-made service built on excellence, expertise, integrity and safety standards. We will archieve excellence by embracing innovation and empowering our people to the best. Ultimately Our Client's vision becomes our mission.


React quickly and positively to customer issues. Utilization of professional, diverse and highly trained workforce. Exceptional service and product quality. Timely delivert of calue-added services. Honest and open ethos. Appropriate financial apportionment and accountability. Respect for one another, everyone is of the same importance and everyone matters.

Competitive Value


Pathans General Trading LLC's staff maintains a rigorous work ethic and practices their profession in a most professional manner. The company works to ensure everyone with our immediate business network has access to the most basic necessities, abides by the safest and most hygienic work conditions and receives the full support of our team and management.


Everyone here at Pathans General Trading LLC works towards achieving the same outcome: ensuring the company lives up to its potential and continues to excel in the market. As such, our employees place high value on teamwork, combining their skills and knowledge to advance the company and achieve the highest results.


With a group of experienced employees from across the Middle East, Europe and Asia, Pathans General Trading LLC believes in the power and importance of maintaining cultural diversity within our quarters.


Pathans General Trading LLC's diverse line of products is known for its superior quality and its low prices.

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