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PFM provides clients with peace of mind. PFM provides and manages professional, proactive security echelons on each site in such a manner that the premises remain functional, safe, and operationally secure.

Our objectives are:

  • provide a quality driven security guarding service that achieves an optimum standard for all areas of use and is held in high regard by all tenants and users.
  • maintain a safe environment and safe working practices including the use of a recognized risk assessment/management system to ensure that standards of safety stay high, and that any reduction in the quality of service is recognized and corrected.
  • supply, manage and co-ordinate security personnel, implement security procedures and the provision of security systems and equipment to the project. Security services will be provided 7 days a week, 24 hours a day where required.

PFM ensures all security guards are of a high calibre in communication skills, both written and oral. We provide our guards with state of the art communications and equipment that are kept in full working order and serviceable for the environment. Our guards are competent and fully experienced in all aspects of security. We train our guards to be customer-focused representatives at each location.